Thursday, 16 April 2015

Machine of destruction

A Mercedes Benz 280SL survived the apocalypse. Once a luxury car, now a machine of destruction. It is a 1:43 car, which I converted with a few items: For example green stuff, an old creditcard cut in pieces, the driver and window from an abandoned slot car, and a screw cap.

The car was sprayed black and I repainted it. After that I used brown washes and drybrushed yellow and white to make the car appear dusty and things should be in the wastelands.

The good people from Post Apoc Wargames Forum suggested that I should build a weapon on my car. Good idea, and I cut a lollipop stick in seven parts, glued the parts together, wrapped green stuff around them. Paint, wash, drybrush, voila! Minigun!


  1. Thanks. I have could a few other old toy cars in a box somewhere - a little paint and conversion, and suddenly they are potential post apoc killer machines.

  2. Really nice work. I'm looking forward to more posts.